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Travel Photography Class

My wife, Ginny and I have traveled to 30 countries around the world. Including 26 trips to Europe, mostly Italy, plus 17 trips to Africa and living in Hawaii for 19 years. I have taken hundreds of thousands of photos. Some photos were good, some great and some bad. I have picked up a tip or two along the way, moving from film to digital. The class is a collection of a few of those tips that can help improve your photographs and increase the fun. Learning to be a good photographer is not easy. Good habits, a keen eye, tenacity and a camera are all you need.

The first chapter offers an introduction to some of the keys of taking better photographs. The following chapters will deal with each topic in far more detail. Your class is designed for those who use digital SLR cameras, not point-and-shoot or film cameras; although the same information can be useful for everyone. It is understood that you have some experience in photography. The discussion is mostly about travel photography; however it can apply to all photography.

I look forward to helping you enjoy your photos more. Happy clicking!

Experience Italy!