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Buon Giorno! My name is Lee Truitt

Have you ever dreamed about traveling to Italy?

In our twenty-nine years of travel, visiting thirty countries around the world, my wife and I have been to our Bella Italia twenty-six times. In addition, trips to most of the USA, Europe, Africa (17 photo safaris), Middle East, South Pacific, Central America and the Caribbean. I know how to travel. I can be your personal travel consultant to Italy.

We have been from the Dolomites of the north to the Gulf of Taranto in the south, and from the Adriatic Sea on the east to the Tyrrhenian Sea on the west. There are twenty “regions” (states) in Italy. We have explored seventeen of them. I know Italy.

We are excited every time we go to Bella Italia. You will be also. We love Italy! You can explore your Bella Italia with the same sense of freedom and excitement that comes from knowing I have prepared you well.

Bella Italia is always a trip of a lifetime!

Buon viaggio,

Lee Truitt

Embrace the Culture!